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2011 IHRSA Madness: Biggest Loser Ladder by Jacobs Ladder

2011 IHRSA Madness: Biggest Loser Ladder by Jacobs Ladder

May 10, 2011 7:38 pm52 comments

The Fit Test Dummies climb and climb with the Biggest Loser Ladder. Watch David and Madison try out this piece of workout equipment from the popular television show and see if it really burns your calories.


Verdict: The ladder is well constructed, with its 40 degree incline that reduces strain on your back and sturdy round rungs. It gives you a full body workout and adjusts its speed according to how fast you are climbing. Great Product!

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  • My husband and I bought the Kinect for Christmas with the intention of playing Dance Central. While we love the Dance Central game, I have to admit that The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout is my favorite “game.” I use the term “game” lightly as it really is a workout. I have the Wii and own Wii Fit (and Wii Fit Plus) & EA Sports, but The Biggest Loser for Kinect is the best workout game I have played. It is so wonderful to work out and not have to worry about any controller.

    What I like:
    *As I said before, I love that there is no controller to worry about. This makes it feel more like a workout routine and easier to focus on actually doing the moves rather than wondering where to put a controller.
    *Workout Customization. The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout allows the user to take a fitness test before deciding on a routine. This helps place your workout in an appropriate level of difficulty. However, you are still able to change the difficulty, if you want an easier or harder workout. The system also lets the user chose what areas of the body they want to focus on. I will be honest, I am pretty out of shape and was worried that the game would be too difficult for me, and was surprised when I was placed in the “moderate” level. This was a challenge, but not crazy hard. I am happy to know that there are still several levels that are more difficult that I can progress into.
    *So, it sounds crazy, but I like that the trainers provide feedback and encouragement. This helps motivate me to finish the workout or push through a difficult exercise. I have to admit, Bob says: “Perfect, just like a yoga master” so many times I hear it in my sleep, but it still helps. The trainer checks in and asks how you are holding up or if you need a break. The Kinect allows for you to respond verbally, which is awesome.
    *Lifestyle tips. Although many of the lifestyle tips are common sense, I like that the game provides challenges to the user in their daily life. The game also has recipes and additional tips, but I have not really used these much. The few that I checked out seemed cool, though.
    *Customization. The game lets you select how long your workouts are (from less than 15 minutes and up) and how often you work out. I like that I am able to create my schedule and feel awesome when I stick to it.

    What I don’t like so much:
    *Controls. While working out, I have no issues with the Kinect sensing my movements. However, trying to select something off the main menu is difficult. I don’t know why it is a problem in this game, as I have Dance Central and don’t have this issue. I wish you could use the XBox controller to navigate through some of these menus. For example, creating your avatar is pretty painful and takes too long. I finally gave up and used the default avatar out of frustration. But again, once I was in the game working out, I didn’t have a problem.
    *Graphics. I realize that I didn’t buy this game for the flashy graphics, but instead wanted an excellent workout. While the graphics aren’t horrible, they are not the best. Trust me, though, you won’t notice when you are working out. 🙂

    Overall, I really love this game. In my opinion (as someone who didn’t exercise a lot), it is an excellent workout. It’s challenging, and although I was a bit sore after a few of the workouts, I feel better. I am only a few weeks into the program and have noticed that when I started, I had a hard time doing the amount of jumping jacks in the routine, now I am able to do double the amount. It’s a small victory, but I am proud of it.

  • So I am hugely overweight, and just had a baby. I thought that I would give this video a try, and I LOVE it. I am still on the level 1 work out, but am getting better every day. I can now do the whole 30 minute level 1 work out. Next week I am going to be adding level 2. In only 2 1/2 weeks I have lost 14 inches and 12 lbs. Now I still have 80 to go, but it is a good start. Bob does the level 1, and he keeps me motivated thru the whole work out. Right when I think I am about to die, he starts counting down, and tells me I can do it, and I believe him. Rather than sitting on my couch hoping the Biggest Loser comes and casts me, I decided that the more logical option would be to bring the biggest loser trainers to me. I would recommend this to everyone, from those who only have 10 lbs to lose to people like me who have 50+.

  • lol! this is a cool idea! 😉

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