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Jack LaLanne is Our Hero!

Jack LaLanne is Our Hero!

Hi Fans,

Jack LaLanne has inspired millions throughout the years to get in shape and take care of that precious most fascinating machine – your body! He has often been called “the godfather of fitness!” and the first national fitness hero! He’s been on our TV screens since the early 50’s motivating us to get off the couch and live healthy! And as you can tell by our tribute vid, we will continue to be huge fans of his!

His highly publicized feats of strength were that of legend! So we decided to emulate one of them (or at least try our darndest) in honor of his passing. In 1956, at the age of 42, he set a world record 1,000 pushups in 23 minutes! As you can tell by our vid, that is an amazingly difficult feat even for the most conditioned person! That goes to show you how much of an animal LaLanne was and why he was able to start a fitness revolution — he was sincerely passionate about the physical and mental well being of his fellow Americans!

So we here at Fit Test Dummies salute Jack LaLanne, and everyone else who carries the same passion about staying fit! If we all strive to be half the person and motivator Jack was, we’d truly change the world!


Producer Sean

February 10, 20111 comment
Producer’s Corner

Producer’s Corner

Welcome Fans! I hope you’ve enjoyed our webisodes so far! Our ultimate goal is to provide you the viewer, a fun and entertaining outlet in the world of fitness that presents you many inexpensive ways to GET FIT! Fitness is our passion, and there are many ways to get in […]