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Insanity: The Asylum 30 Day Challenge – Day 30

Insanity: The Asylum 30 Day Challenge – Day 30

Finally! After 30 days of insane workouts, the Fit Test Dummies take their Athletic Performance Assessment. Check out their results and see if you can BEAT them!



Agility Heisman:                                   David-11                      Shuna-9

In and Out Ab Progression:                 David-35                      Shuna-50

Pull Ups or Push Ups:                          David-18 Pull Ups        Shuna-27 Push Ups

Mountain Climber Switch Kicks:          David-65                      Shuna-64

Agility Shoulder Taps:                         David-7                        Shuna-6

X Jumps:                                             David-25                      Shuna-24

Moving Push Ups:                               David-4                        Shuna-4

Agility Lateral Shuffle:                         David-11                      Shuna-15

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