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Insane Bootcamp Workout With The Weight Vest

Insane Bootcamp Workout With The Weight Vest

February 22, 2011 5:53 pm14 comments

Wanna put some weight on your chest? Watch Fit Test Dummies David, Shauna and Madison test out the V-Force Weight Vest as they sprint, run, climb and push-up in this insane bootcamp workout!


Verdict: 10! The vest allows you to get a great workout in a shorter period of time. The added weight increases the intensity of your workout! Just be cautious, especially with your lower back. Make sure to keep your shoulders back and chest out.

Get your V-Force Weight Vest!


  • I just got my V-Force and LOVE it! Have used one before at my CrossFit gym but having one at my disposal is great. Great piece of equipment for any CrossFitter!

  • David

    Say you want to take out weight on a 75lbs. V force weighted vest, is it still going to be balanced?

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