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Flex Belt + Brazil Butt Lift Extras

Flex Belt + Brazil Butt Lift Extras

March 1, 2011 7:19 pm488 comments

Click Here For Flex Belt + Brazil Butt Lift Extras!!!

How does the Flex Belt rank with Fit Test Dummy David?

Verdict: The BEST ab belt he has ever used! The contractions reach deep, and the gel pads make it feel cleaner and smoother.

Join Fit Test Dummy Shuna as she gives you tips for getting all you can get from the Brazil Butt Lifter.

Verdict: Great for girls and guys, the Brazil Butt Lifter works out every part of your abs. Make sure you come back to this video to get more modifications to intensify your workout as your fitness level goes up.

Do you love laying down, drinking mimosas, and screaming fits of stimulation? The try the Flex Belt! Watch David and Madison as they try out this ab stimulator.

Check out the full review on

The Flex Belt
The Brazil Butt Lift

Get the Brazil Butt Lift Workout!…

Get Your Own Ultra Flex! And tell them Fit Test Dummies sent you. Happy Ab Flexing!


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