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Insane Burn Machine Workout

Insane Burn Machine Workout

February 1, 2011 6:48 pm139 comments

Madison and David Test the Burn Machine!

Check out the latest craze for MMA fighters and boxers alike! The Burn Machine is an exercise machine that imitates a speed bag workout. Watch Madison and David put this piece of equipment to the test by demonstrating the exercises included.

Verdict: Brutal, Awesome and Amazing! The rotating handles and asymmetric dumbbell system give you a unique workout experience. We give it two smiles!


David and Madison test the Burn Machine.  Is it the real deal?  Find out on this episode of Fit Test Dummies.
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  • Hi,. . I’m a huge fan of Beachbody and I was looking to download Brazil Butt Lift. Before anyone goes off and says, Well, buy it if you support it, I just want to say I did buy P90X and Chalene Extreme, but I’m about to go off to an international college, so money is pretty tight right now.. . I’m still thinking about buying it if I like the program enough, but I don’t want to spend 60-120 dollars on something I’m going to hate.. . If anyone has it uploaded as a torrent (or would be willing to), I’d really appreciate it. Or if anyone has any other way of sharing it, though I’m not really familiar with much else.. . I’d love to hear any advice on the program, as well as what type of results to expect. I did P90X, though it was hard to follow the diet (we eat what my mom has in the fridge, and she refuses to let me do the food shopping), and I tried Turbo Jam, but it just wasn’t for me. . . I’m in decent shape, endurance-wise, and I’m clean as far as health goes. My diet is fairly decent (no chips, soda, and no fried foods), and I mainly eat salad and chicken for lunch, oatmeal for supper, and cereal for breakfast. My snacks tend to be granola bars since I get yelled at in school for anything else (don’t ask how a banana is more messy than a granola bar…). My snacks are usually about 90-130 calories. . . I try to stay within a good calorie range for my body, and I run on the treadmill for about 20-30 min about 3-5 times a week, as well as the 8 minute buns and abs routines on Youtube. I have’t done P90X lately as I just seem to get bored this time around, and Turbo Jam is just too dancy for me. But with college coming I want to look good :), so I’m trying to burn some fat and tone up a bit. So far with all the programs I do, I either see only very minor results, or weight maintenance with no changes in appearance. . . I’m not super fit looking, but not fat either. I’d say I have an average build, with my weight distributed fairly evenly. Would Brazil Butt Lift even help? I’d still work out even if I don’t end up loosing much weight as long as it’s fun, but of course seeing positive changes would be much more statisfying :). . Thanks so much,. Rachel :).

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