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Ultimate Killer Ab Workout!

Ultimate Killer Ab Workout!

March 1, 2011 7:20 pm88 comments

While Shuna does the Brazil Butt Lift hardcore ab workout with Leandro, David and Madison decide to relax with the Flex Belt. Nobody said getting great abs was easy.

To get great abs, would you rather sweat and put in a hard workout or sit outside with a mimosa? The Fit Test Dummies show you two ways to go about it. While Shauna works hard at the Brazil Butt Lift hardcore ab workout, Madison and David relax with the Flex Belt.

Verdict: The Brazil Butt Lift is a hard workout, but the Flex Belt is no walk in the park neither. Both, however, are great ways to get those killer abs.

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The Flex Belt
The Brazil Butt Lift

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