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2011 IHRSA Madness: Step 360 by Spri

2011 IHRSA Madness: Step 360 by Spri

June 15, 2011 7:07 pm129 comments

3 minutes routines. 6 phases of training. 0 rest. Can you keep up? Watch the Fit Test Dummies try out the Step 360 by Spri.


Verdict: The Step 360 takes the core strengthening and balance training from a bosu ball and eliminates the danger of falling on your head. What’s great about Spri is that all their workout products are integrated so that you can use them to create even more challenging workouts!

Check it out!
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  • johnny boy

    This is the real deal.Very kool.Thanks for sharing and hope to see more of Step360 on your site.

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