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Get A Hot Body Fast!!

Get A Hot Body Fast!!

January 22, 2011 12:00 am49 comments

Can you get a hot body in 15 minutes a day? David and Madison try out these four power moves from Women’s Health in this installment of Fit Test Dummies.

Runner’s Lunge to Knee Skip: Rough on your wrists
Plie Jumping Jacks: Simple and a great variation to regular jumping jacks
Quarter-Turn Jump Squat: BURNER! great workout
Donkey Kick: Awkward

Verdict: This is a decent workout for 15 minutes, but to get real results we recommend increasing the reps. These moves are better suited for people with great form, so practice is required to get a truly great workout.
Fit Test Dummies Review Women’s Health Magazine Article: Crush More Calories.

In 15 min a day, can you get a Hot Body Fast?!

Fit Test Dummies puts this workout to the test.

From Women’s Health Magazine

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