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2011 IHRSA Madness: Biggest Loser’s Cybex – The Arc Trainer Review

2011 IHRSA Madness: Biggest Loser’s Cybex – The Arc Trainer Review

April 11, 2011 1:23 am164 comments

What’s better then an elliptical? Fit Test Dummies try Cybex’s The Arc Trainer to see what hip and knee patients, the Navy Seals, the Marines, and the Biggest Losers already know. But how do David and Madison feel about it?


Verdict: It’s a great machine that has minimum impact on your knees and hips, making it ideal for physical therapy. With a lower body and full body mode, this is the ideal machine to lose weight with.

Check it out!

Biggest Loser Arc


  • Jonathan

    Totally love the Arc Trainer too (just don’t really care for the ones with the moving arm handles). I run a lot of marathons every year, and had to find something that prevented overuse and boredom (i.e., the treadmill!) but still gave me a good endurance workout. Because I set up the Arc Trainer in a way that is as close to running as I can get, I’ve done most of my training for my marathon next month on this machine. It’s great. For one, unlike the treadmill where you’re constantly having to look down or wonder if the belt is going to slip, the Arc Trainer is effortless – you hop on, and start running. YOU control the impact and intensity, and you decide when you’re done. On the treadmill, it just keeps going! I am so aware of my form and avoiding injuries; I just feel that, all around, this is the best cardiovascular workout I’ve had.

    Now if I could just get one of these things at home…

  • Congratulations on being an avid marathon runner! We appreciate the honest feedback. Good luck on your next marathon and thank you for supporting us. It’s dedicated fans like you that inspire us to make more videos.

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