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Jack Lalanne Fitness Challenge 1000 Pushups 500 Situps

Jack Lalanne Fitness Challenge 1000 Pushups 500 Situps

In honor of Jack Lalanne, our Fit Test Dummies try out a fitness challenge. Watch as David goes for 1,000 push-ups and Madison goes for 500 sit-ups in 20 minutes. Will they make it?

Equipment used: Perfect Push-up

Send us your response videos and see if you can beat David and Madison!

February 3, 2011161 comments
Insane Burn Machine Workout

Insane Burn Machine Workout

Madison and David Test the Burn Machine! Check out the latest craze for MMA fighters and boxers alike! The Burn Machine is an exercise machine that imitates a speed bag workout. Watch Madison and David put this piece of equipment to the test by demonstrating the exercises included. Verdict: […]

February 1, 2011137 commentsRead More
Best Arm Workout

Best Arm Workout Build an MVP body with the help of David, Madison and Drew Brees! Watch our Fit Test Dummies demonstrate the workouts outlined by the MVP himself in this issue of Men’s Health. Required Equipment: Superband, Kettlebell/Dumbbell Verdict: While not strictly an arm workout, this regiment is great for the […]

January 25, 201114 commentsRead More
Get A Hot Body Fast!!

Get A Hot Body Fast!! Can you get a hot body in 15 minutes a day? David and Madison try out these four power moves from Women’s Health in this installment of Fit Test Dummies. Runner’s Lunge to Knee Skip: Rough on your wrists Plie Jumping Jacks: Simple and a great variation to regular […]

January 22, 201149 commentsRead More