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Pole Dance Wherever You Want

Pole Dance Wherever You Want

Bring the party anywhere with Platinum Stages’ portable pole. The Fit Test Dummies test this sturdy pole and check out its many features.

Verdict: The Platinum Stages’ pole is built very sturdily, even without being attached to the ceiling. It can spin as well as stay still, and comes in many different diameters so that you can find the right fit for you.


Platinum Stages:

The Fit Expo:

March 5, 20124 comments
Beautiful Aerial Athletics

Beautiful Aerial Athletics

Learn the benefits of pole dancing with Faith Daniels as our Fit Test Dummies check out X-Pole. Verdict: Pole is an aerobic activity, improving your flexibility, agility and strengthening your core, arms, and legs.  The exercise lies in the repetition of learning moves, which keeps your mind engaged as well. […]

February 9, 201231 commentsRead More
Cush Ups By BodyBare Fitness

Cush Ups By BodyBare Fitness Get more cushion for the pushin with BodyBare Fitness’s Cush Ups. You’ve seen these in other Fit Test Dummies episodes, now follow along as David and Jill go through some exercises you can do with them.   Verdict: The Cush Ups allow you to do knuckle down push ups […]

December 28, 201112 commentsRead More
2011 IHRSA Madness: Kangoo Jumps!

2011 IHRSA Madness: Kangoo Jumps!

Watch the Fit Test Dummies reach new heights with Kangoo Jumps! Madison and David test these devices and have some real fun, but does it give you a good workout?   Verdict: YES! It burns 25% more calories than regular running shoes and protects your feet by absorbing 80% or […]

May 3, 20114 commentsRead More