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Jackie Warner Xtreme Boot Camp Workout!!

Jackie Warner Xtreme Boot Camp Workout!!

The Fit Test Dummies get Xtreme with Jackie Warner’s Boot Camp Workout from Fitness RX Magazine. Follow along with Madison & David as they get an Xtreme workout!

3 Circuits, 30 reps each (15 per side)
Runner’s Lunge w Rear Deltoid Raise
Concentration Curl and Holding Squat
Squat Pullover
Alternating Lunge w Chest Fly
Reverse Lunge w Punch Kick
Push-up Crawl Military Press
Holding Squat Row
Lateral Raise w Lateral Side Bend

Required Equipment: Dumbbells

Verdict: 10! Not for beginners or the faint of heart, the workout tests your endurance. This is an intense boot camp, going low and slow rather than short and strong.

March 22, 201169 comments