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Edit Like A Beast

Edit Like A Beast

February 17, 2011 5:25 pm7 comments

Hello Fit Test Dummies Fans!
Now that we have a few videos up, and all of you have given me your two cents about editing technique, I thought I would introduce myself:  I’m the editor.  🙂

I Edit So You Don’t Have To
Fitness miscreant and film school drop-out, I think I fit in perfectly here at Fit Test Dummy Headquarters.  It’s always a pleasure to be surrounded by those who are passionate about what they do as that sentiment is quite contagious.  Motivated by a fervor for health, self-care and the urge to help others, the Fit Test Dummies are constantly thinking of ways to get people up, moving and fit.  Watching them work hard makes me want to work hard too… although that just might be because I’m the lucky one that has to watch these vehement hard-bodies do the same exercises over and over and over and over again every day of my life until eventually, I can’t stop the urge to try the workout out myself.  And you guys wouldn’t believe what ends up on the cutting room floor…. or maybe you would…

To be honest there is so much more to Fit Test Dummies than what you see on the videos–excellent tips on diet and health, detailed instruction on exercise technique and form that doesn’t make the cut.

I wish there was time to include every piece of fitness advice, health facts, weight loss tips, personal narratives, jokes, and the like in our videos.  I try my best to include a little taste of what you’re missing at the end of each video: pure fan service.  Through our videos, I hope that you not only learn a great deal about health and wellness, but that you also get to know who our hosts really are.  Keep following them through their Fit Testing Adventures!

The Editor

PS: Let me know how I’m doing!  Criticisms, praise, what you like to see, what you don’t, what you’re wearing! Leave a comment, wall post, or email us at


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